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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

We consider our investors our most important asset. We make a concerted effort to provide you with all of the latest and most accurate information available to us. We recommend that the public remain regularly updated on partnership reports on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The Investor Relations Department is at your service to answer any question.

We at C.O. Cyprus Opportunity Energy Public company view our investors as our most important asset and we make sure that you remain regularly updated through our announcements at the Cyprus Stock Exchange 

Being a public company that is listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, we spearhead full transparency and have compiled for you all of the company's financial statements in one location


We have compiled for you all of C.O. Cyprus Opportunity Energy Public Company Limited General Meeting Notices in one location. The releases are easy to read and arranged in chronological order. Remaining updated has never been so easy.

The 'Investor Kit' contains all of the latest material for you in one location for easy and convenient download.